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Min Pin Nursery

Finally, we have puppies coming!

Our last puppies were 3/5, 3/12 & 3/13 and now in July we are looking forward to four litters.  Of course, they are all due while I am in Holland.   Thankfully, Lisa will keep an eye on them.

We do have some deposits.

We also have some girls that have been dating boys lately so we may have more pups the end of August.*

*Puppies go home 8 weeks after they are born.



We accept deposits for people to reserve a puppy. Generally, first deposit receives first pick, etc.

Deposits of $150 are applied towards the purchase of the puppy.  We have a form that I’d be happy to e-mail to you.


$600    Red, Red Stag

$650    Black/rust

$750    Chocolate/rust

*Prices are pet prices with limited AKC registration on spay/neuter agreements.  Full breeding rights are additional to approved homes only.

**Prices include Washington State Sales Tax.

***We do not sell to pet stores, through brokers or puppy mills.