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We are only breeding for AKC breed standard colors

"Don't judge a puppy by it's color"

Although the majority of our puppies are black/rust, we are continually working on more chocolates.  They are not a “rare” color.  It just takes a desire to breed for that color and working with the chocolate genetics.  We also have red puppies along with the occasional red stag.

AKC standard colors are black/rust or black/tan, chocolate/rust or chocolate/tan, red and red stag.  These are the only colors AKC will accept in the conformation show ring.  There are other colors AKC will register although they are not allowed in the show ring.  Black/rust or black/tan is the most preferred color for families with chocolate’s being second followed by reds and red stags.  Red and Red Stags are the preferred color for the show ring followed by blacks.  For some reason, it is harder for a chocolate to champion so many show people are breeding them out of their show lines.  When I see a chocolate champion, I assume it’s an incredible dog.  

Black/rust or tan

is the most common household, pet color.  As this color is the most preferred pet color, our goal is more black/rust than any other color.  I think that people often associate Min Pins with Dobermans and the most common color is black/rust for guard dogs.  Just a note, although they share a name, the Min Pins do NOT come from Dobermans.

Chocolate/rust or tan

is a color that people often desire. Although it’s hard to find, it is not “rare”. We have spent years working to have quality bloodlines to use for breeding chocolates.  The chocolate color varies from milk to dark chocolate.   Just a note, this color is known as “red” in the Doberman breed

Red and Stag Red

are the favorite colors of many show breeders.  As one person put it “A good red will win in the show ring. It takes a great black/rust or an exceptional chocolate/tan to beat a good red.”  I used to prefer the black/rust until I watched Arial.  She was my first red girl and she was gorgeous.  There are clear reds and red stags.  The red stags have black intermingled in their red.

Chocolate Stag Red

Chocolate stag’s are red but their nose, paws, etc. are chocolate instead of black.

AKC has colors that can be registered but are not allowed in the conformation show ring.  Blue/rust or blue/tan, Chocolate stag red, Fawn (aka Isabella) rust or fawn/tan are a few examples. These colors are commonly called “dilutes.  Some dilutes are known to have genetic health issues, especially Alopecia.  It is a hair & skin issue and sometimes puppies do not show they carry the gene until up to 2 years old.  Unfortunately, dilutes are often referred to as “rare” and can be sold for more money than standard colors so unethical breeders will continue to breed for dilutes even when they know their dogs are producing health issues. I’ve often heard the terms  “puppy mills” and “backyard breeders” by show people if a breeder has dilutes or breeds for them.  I don’t think it’s fair to label all breeders over colors; however, due to poor breeding practices, I understand why the terms are being used.  This is a color that “makes more money” and brings out the unethical breeders; however, I know of a few ethical breeders that have had these colors or bred for these colors, producing quality healthy dogs.  An ethical breeder does not breed a dilute to a dilute. *Dilutes aren’t “rare”.  It’s just that it’s harder to find ethical breeders that are breeding healthy colored dilutes.

Blue/rust or tan

Blue/rust or tan is the dilute of the black/rust or tan.  I think a blue with a healthy coat is very pretty.  Unfortunately, our first blue had alopecia.  Her back and behind turned bald.

Fawn (Isabella) rust or tan

Fawns, also called Isabella, are the dilutes of the chocolate.  To me, it’s a mousy color.


Tan is the dilute of a red.  There is also a blue stag red, dilute of the red stag, which has a tan coat but paws, eye lids, etc. are blue instead of black.

Merle and brindle are colors that some breeders are claiming to be Miniature Pinscher colors.  There is a lot of controversy with these colors, especially with the fact that it is not a Min Pin color so at some point – may even be 3 or 5 generations back, another breed is used for the color.  They can’t be registered with AKC.  We have not and will NOT breed these colors as we are only breeding AKC registered dogs.  Personally, I think they are ugly but that’s just my personal thought.  I do not have any pictured as I have never owned one.  

“*Just like the saying “Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover”, “Don’t Judge A Puppy by It’s Color”.  I understand the desire to want the color you’re used to or like the best; however, HEALTH, the personality and bonding with you is far more important.  I will be the first to admit it.  I had a preference for black/rust only.  When we had a hard time finding decent Min Pins that I would feel comfortable using for breeding, I “gave up” and bought Arial because I liked everything about her but the fact she was “red”.  I am so glad I did.  I loved to watch her and her daughter Brianna move.  Another example is Blaze.  I bought his brother Rocket because he was the only black/rust in the litter and most people want black/rust.  The breeder was so sure that Blaze was everything I wanted except for his red color that she put him in the shipping crate too.  She was right, 4 months later Rocket was enjoying a pet home and Blaze is one of my pride and joy males.