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-Miniature Pinschers-

Litter Updates:

Puppies have deposits 


1) Majority of dog food has ingredients with natural contraceptives (flax seed and peas) in it so we have changed our food.

Click here to read one study

2) Many air freshners, including Glade and Airwick plug ins, have toxic chemicals that affect hormones, male’s testerone, etc.  I had several of these in the house and the kennel so I’ve removed them along with the Febreeze garbage bags.

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Reds – $600

Black/rust – $650

Chocolate & Rust – $650

*Prices are pet only with spay/neuter agreement.

**Prices include WA state sales tax

Our goal is to breed to standard:

For AKC breed standard click here

For MPCA breed standard click here

We are only breeding standard colors:

Black & Rust,

Chocolate & Rust

Red and occasionally Red Stag

Standard with our puppies:

*Tails docked and dewclaws done before they are 5 days old.  Not all remove dewclaws but we do.

*Wormed several times.

*Microchip implanted at approx. 5 weeks of age.

*Thorough vet check at approximately 6 weeks of age.  Microchip used to verify puppy at vet check and documentation provided with puppy.

*Updated vaccinations starting with puppy shot between 6 & 7 weeks old. Information provided.

*AKC registration papers

*Pedigree information

*Health Guarantee for those that vet check their puppies within 72 hours of purchase

*Sample of puppy food.  They have been on PetSmart’s Authority Brand puppy food.