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AKC registration helps the AKC with Kennel Inspections, Lost Dog Recovery, Health Research, and Search and Rescue.

While visiting websites and newspapers, I noticed there are a lot of puppies claiming to be registered by various registries other than AKC.  I found that it is quite easy to have “anything” registered as a breed with some of these registries.  One registry requires 2 signatures and 3 pictures, one just requires a vet note and better yet, one said that they rely on the honesty of the person registering the dog.  A puppy mill or disreputable breeder can take a cross bred pup and register it as a registered pup.  What are you really buying?

AKC, in my opinion, is the most well-known and respected dog registry in the U.S.  AKC has strict guidelines for their registrataions.  Their registration is based on parentage and history records.  There are several reputable registries that work with them such as UKC,  CKC (Canada Kennel Club) NOT the Continental Kennel Club who uses the same initials and other foreign registries.  They require strict record keeping and parents registration must be proven.  AKC requires males DNA to be on file after so many litters.  They also require breeders to microchip or tattoo their breeding stock once they have so many dogs.

AKC periodically and randomly inspects breeders.  They inspect the living conditions of the dogs and the records to ensure that they are maintained to their guidelines.  We have been visited by an AKC inspector several times and to be honest, I like that.  I will admit that I was nervous the first time we were inspected.  I didn’t know AKC did inspections and all of a sudden there was a man in my yard thoroughly looking at my dogs instead of knocking on the door.  I look forward to their visits.

As breeders, we should be upheld to quality and our dogs should always be in a situation that if someone comes to our homes, we could proudly show them and their living conditions to anyone.  As breeders, we have the responsibility to have records correct and to have proof of who the dogs are.  All of our breeding dogs are micro-chipped and we microchip all of our puppies before they leave to their new home.

Personally, I support AKC in their strict registration policies.  More and more, as the dog prices are high and people think they can “make big bucks”, we’re seeing more scams, especially when we did the Yorkies.  It takes nothing for a backyard breeder to cross a Yorkie with something else and call it a registered Yorkie through another registry.

Just a note, those of us into quality puppies are not “making the big bucks”.  We are willing to reinvest the money into quality dogs, vet bills, quality food, etc.  An example, Cleo had complications with whelping during the middle of the night.  An emergency c-section was performed, she had to be spayed, none of the puppies survived and we ended up with a $1,300 vet bill and a month late went to a pet home for $400.

There are now a lot of the registries that have made it easy for puppy mills, back yard breeders, brokers, scammers, etc. to sell “anything” as a registered puppy.  If a puppy says registered, thoroughly research the “registration guidelines ” of that registry.