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*We feel that health is the MOST important thing in raising puppies!!!

**Every puppy is thoroughly vet checked between 5 & 7 weeks of age, preferably closer to 6 weeks.

I am thankful to have Dr. Collins of Zillah Veterinary Clinic working with me as a breeder since January 2006.  Every puppy comes with a form from it’s vet check.  Our goal for EVERY puppy, is to hear the words “looks good” from Dr. Collins; however, occasionally an issue may be found which will be discussed before purchase of the puppy and those with deposits will be given options.

We do not just vet check the puppies we sell, we also vet check our puppies we keep and ones we purchase with the goal of eliminating future health issues.  We have in the past and will continue to find pet homes for dogs that seem to pass genetic issues.  If a puppy I purchase for breeding is not perfectly healthy when I take them to Dr. Collins after I purchase them than we find them a nice pet homes.

Mike Collins, D.V.M.


Zillah Veterinary Clinic

90 Cheyne Road

Zillah WA  98953