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AKC requires all of our breeding dogs to have a microchip or tattoo.  We chose to microchip all of our dogs


We microchip all of our puppies, usually around 5 to 6 weeks of age.  With this method of identification, puppy owner’s can be confident that the vet records they receive from us belong to their puppy and that the puppy they chose to put a deposit on is the same puppy they take home with them.

A microchip scanner can quickly detect the puppy’s chip number if it’s lost or stolen.  However, in order to be contacted, the new puppy owner must have registered their contact information and activated the puppy’s chip. I have been contacted by a shelter that found someone’s lost pet because they forgot to change the microchip into their name.  Before I got home, the shelter had found on CraigsList where they were trying to find their lost dog.

Our microchips are purchased through Microchip ID system and I send a card home with you that has the puppy’s number on it and my breeder’s code.  From my understanding, many of the microchip companies have access to each other but they offer different benefits.  You can click on the button above to register the chip through Microchip ID where I got the chips.  Some people prefer to register the chip with AKC when they register their puppy.  There is also a free registry that can be used (Found Animals above) but I am not sure if they will have the benefits of the others such as flyers to vets if puppy is lost, etc.

When I stopped breeding Yorkies, I gave my favorite female to my mom.  A month later, my mom called upset because Janneke was gone.  She had been eating on the porch and then gone.  They live in a remote area with a 1/4 mile long driveway in the middle of sage brush and coyote country.  A year and a half later, a vet’s office called me about a Yorkie that was found roaming in a town 2 hours away from my parents home with a microchip registered to me.  I was so relieved to know she was a live.  She had a rough life (matted, nails curling under & stiff in her back end).  She is now home with my mom being pampered and loved.

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