My husband and I live in Washington’s beautiful Yakima Valley near Sunnyside, WA surrounded by grapes and corn.  Our sons are college age.

I grew up on a hobby farm in Northwest Montana.  I enjoyed raising animals and I was actively involved in raising and showing animals in 4-H for 9 years. When I married my husband I was working as an Administrative Assistant to JELD-WEN’s Sr. Vice President of Financial Services.

My husband grew up on a dairy farm in The Netherlands and has his own business in the dairy industry.

When my husband I got married in 2004, we decided that it would be nice to have me at home for the boys and I would be available to run errands for his business.

My mom had raised dogs for over 25 years.  She was raising Yorkies and thought it would give me something to do so she gave me my first male and I bought a few females from her.   I enjoyed the Yorkies but my passion for a lap dog is Miniature Pinschers.  I had owned several of them through the years as my mom had raised them at one time.  When our sons wanted Min Pins for 4-H, they were hard to find,were poor quality and/or health issues.  At that time, I decided to set out on a mission of breeding quality pets for families.  I eventually found pet homes for my Yorkies so I could focus on Miniature Pinschers.

Bouviers have been part of our family off and on for 30 years and I could not picture raising any other large breed than Bouviers.  They were not just dogs for us, they were family members that we loved.  For years, Cubby, a black neutered male I had slept in bed with Cameron every night.  When I was a single mom, there was no greater comfort than knowing he was there to protect us.  My brother has one right now that “herds” his children back to the house on the ranch if they get to far from the house.

Other members of the “family”:

Benno – Great Dane cross.  Supposed to be a purebred but obviously not, possibly lab in him.  My mom went to buy a Great Dane for a service dog and I bought home the little boy I fell in love with.  He is neutered and is our “watch dog”.

Cats – one  house cat that is the boss in the house and several outside to entertain the dogs.

Chickens –



Produce quality, healthy puppies for families.  We focus on health, personality, genetics, pedigrees and characteristics of parents and relatives, etc.

Health – We vet check all the puppies whether we sell them, buy one or keep one of our own.  Thankfully, we have a vet clinic that works with me as a breeder to provide healthy puppies for over 10 years. 

There has been more complaints about health issues, especially in Bouviers because of line breeding and inbreeding.  Partly due to the fact there are less bloodlines out there but because of breeding for show dogs.  Some have even been going to Bouvier/poodle crosses.  We have been working to breed different lines of dogs to each other.  Our Bouvier studs are not related to the females that we are breeding them too.  

Personality – Min Pins have had a reputation for being nippy.  More and more people are wanting them for families pets so we have been working to breed for personalities that fit into families. 

Looks – I love to look at my dogs and watch them move!  I love it when people say they look good.  Yes, a little bit of pride in having good looking dogs and also I know I have what will make others happy.

Those we have felt would not have puppies to the quality we expect are enjoying pet homes.  We have been fortunate to have some show people to work with in both Min Pins and Bouviers.

Our goal is to breed them to the standard set by the Parent Club.  We do not breed just any dog or buy a pup because they are “so cute” or a “good price”. 


Recently, I was 1/2 way down our porch steps carrying Molly (Min Pin) and trying to shut the gate after Bella (5-1/2 month Bouvier) when my foot slipped off the step. As I am falling, I tossed Molly out in front of me and landed flat on my stomach in the gravel facing the other direction with the wind knocked out of me. I called for Molly to make sure she was okay. She took that as I needed protection from the big Bouvier puppy sitting in front of me. She jumped on my back and started barking hard at Bella. Bella did not care. She laid down in front of me, rolled onto her side and slid herself until her back was under my head and then licked and gently chewed on my hands until I got up.