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Tails, Dewclaws, Ears – Our puppies come with tails docked, dewclaws removed and natural ears.  I am willing to work with people if they wish to have a tail left on.

Shipping – We are not shipping Min Pins at this time; however, I am willing to meet people at Yakima or Pasco airports if they choose to fly in for their puppies.

Microchips – All puppies are sold with a microchip.

Show quality vs. pet quality – All breeders should be striving for breed standard which means potential show quality for families.  It shouldn’t be “show” quality for “show” people only and families should just have “pet” quality or not as good of quality.  Often people tell me they just want something pet quality under the assumption that pet quality is priced cheaper as it’s not as good.  As long as there are spay/neuter agreements, my prices do not vary because of pedigrees, champion lines, etc.

Vet Information – All of our puppies are vet checked whether we sell them, keep them or buy them.


*Kennel license through Yakima County

**Business license through State of Washington

Mensonides Kennels, LLC

All prices include WA state sales tax

All of our breeding dogs are AKC registered.  As a breeder, I feel this is the most reputable registration company.  Many of the others are easy for puppy mills and back yard breeders to sale dogs as “registered”.   Our males DNA is on file according to AKC guidelines.  Our puppies are sold with limited AKC registration Papers unless full registration is discussed before purchase. For more information click here


Males   Females (Miniature Pinschers)

$500    $550       Red, Red Stag

$600    $650       Black/rust

$600    $650       Chocolate/rust


Bouviers are $1,500.  We discount $200 if they are picked up at our home.


*Prices are pet prices with limited AKC registration on spay/neuter agreements.  Full breeding rights are additional to approved homes only.

**Prices include Washington State Sales Tax.

***We do not sell to pet stores, through brokers or puppy mills.