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We have brindle and fawn puppies ready the end of April!

We have brindle and fawn puppies ready the end of April!

We have brindle and fawn puppies ready the end of April!We have brindle and fawn puppies ready the end of April!

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We are breeding for family pets so we want dogs/puppies that are sociable and happy.  People are welcome to come see our parents.


Puppy's tails & dewclaws are done by our vet by 5 days of age.           


All puppies will be wormed several times and they will have at least their first puppy 5 way vaccine (DHPP).  

Ear Cropping

 Ears are left natural.  Some say natural means ear infections; however, we have not had that issue.  We do not pluck the hairs in the ears.  If needs to be removed then gently trimmed.       


All but our Dutch girls are AKC registered.  Dutch girls are registered in Europe and working on AKC registration.  We are happy to provide pedigrees to people.

Vet Checks

Between 6 and 8 weeks we take the pups to our vet for a thorough checkup.  We have a form that our vet is gracious enough to use and if they find anything then it is documented.  If you are interested in a puppy we disclose any abnormalities.  This vet check is not only for new owner's but it is for us so we know that are pups are healthy when they leave.  If issues come up we discuss with our vet how to proceed with our breeding plans.

We are not into "breeding out" genetic issues

As we know that genetics pulls from many generations, we do not try to "breed out".  We stop breeding that line.   One of the biggest things we learned with breeding Min Pins for so many years is that parents are only a part of the genetics.  We have seen where things have come from many generations back.  Example, in order to get a chocolate, both parents must carry the chocolate gene.  We had a black male and a red female produce a few chocolates.  The chocolate was 4 generations back in the red female's pedigree. 

Example of personality, genetics and "not breeding out"

We had a female that unfortunately produced some males that turned aggressive as they became teenagers.  We did not know it  and one of the families that got one was a relative and their teenage son was hoping to do things with him.  We stopped breeding that female and we also petted out her daughter that we had kept.  Although we do not know of any females in this line that did it, we did not want to risk this daughter producing sons with this aggressive behavior.  We do not have any dogs related to that female.