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Bouvier Puppies

Boy #9

Easy going brindle boy

Boy #8

Quiet, chill bigger boy that was born grey but is getting a lot of fawn underneath.

Boy #2 - going home with Joan

Alpha boy with other pups but a big time mommy’s boy that rolls over for belly rubs.

Bella & Douwe

April 8th

2 boys left in the litter

We will know June 2nd which are 2 are available.  We prefer people and puppies to meet and pick each other.

*We are excited over Douwe’s first litter.  Douwe’s dad is a champion and his mom is from Holland.

**Pics on the Facebook group page.

Boy #3

The boy seems to have a coat more like grandma Jeltsje where it’s going to be more top coat and easier to take care of.  He looks smaller but he’s actually the 2nd largest in the litter.  

Boy #4

Brindle boy that is a little on the quieter side.  Time will tell when some of the other siblings are gone.

Boy #5

Loves his favorite place to sleep.  Usually the first to it and the last to leave it.  He is getting a lot of fawn under his grey coat.

Baukje & Fauke

April 25th

1 Brindle Boy & 1 Dark Girl (black or brindle)

Silke & Douwe


One Bouvier trait is for their hair coat to change colors.  Basically, like humans being born blonde yet turn dark when they are older, or vice versa.   The color listed for the puppies is what they are at the time of the picture.    We can guess but there are no guarantees on colors.
I enjoy breeding dogs but my favorite part is watching puppies pick their owners.  Sometimes people pick by sex, color, parents, size, a picture, etc. which is fine.   However, we raise pets for families so our goal is a perfect match so we feel it is important to wait until the puppies are older to see personalities before we require people with deposits to pick their puppies. We accept deposits on the litters and then we work in order of the deposits to match puppies.  We appreciate your patience as I know it is hard to not know which ones are available.

Puppies are $1,500  

Shipping is an additional.

As these are family pets we work with people in the order of deposits received so we will not know which puppy is available until people start picking their puppies.  While we are fine with people picking by color (which can change), sex, size, pictures, etc. we feel it is important for people to see personalities and preferably spend time with puppies to pick theirs possible.  Sometimes we wait until they are 8 weeks, or weekend following the day they turn 8 weeks, to pick and set up appointments in order of deposits.  Often people pick ahead of time.  Deposits are $250 and go towards the price of your puppy.

They are “helping” us trim rose bushes along with our Great Dane cross and a cat.

Helping dad prune bushes.

Helped dad take clippings to the garbage can and running back for more.

Some fun pics of puppies.

Our sons our are now in their 20’s so we try to have other kids socialize with them.  Here are pics of  my nieces, nephew and Elizabeth socializing the pups.  Adults enjoy her visits too.  Elizabeths mom use to work at our vet’s office and sometimes I hire her to bathe & brush my Bouvier adults and puppies so they have other people working with them, not just me.