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~Bouvier des Flandres~


~ Ladies~

Why Unique Names?

Bouviers are from the French part of Belgium and my husband is from the Friesland part of The Netherlands so I decided on names from the The Netherlands.   

Tails Docked and Dewclaws Removed?
Yes, by our vet no later than 5 days of age.
Ears Cropped?
No, ears are natural when they leave.  For more information, click here.

What about ear infections?

Ear cropping has been illegal in Europe, including the country they come from, for over 20 years and it is not an issue there.  I have had 5 with natural ears without ear infection issues and I know of another breeder that does not have issues with ear infections.  It is for looks; otherwise, breeds  such as poodles, cockers, etc. would be cropped too.

Yes, click here for more information.
Health Testing?
Did you know the heart and health issues that are tested for in the US are not as common in The Netherlands?  The breeding there is more controlled with a larger gene pool.  If there is an issue than the line is not used in breeding program.


I am privileged to work with a vet and if she says to not use a dog in my breeding program than I won’t.  I want healthy puppies so I am not line breeding or  trying tobreeding out issues.  Breeding out issues does require testing.  My males are not related to my females.  I have a male specifically for Fauke’s daughters.

AKC Registration?
Puppies come with their AKC registration forms.  They are marked limited because they are sold on spay/neuter contract
Vet Check?
Yes, all of our puppies are vet checked at approximately 6 weeks of age.  Any issues are disclosed in advanced and documentation is provided.
Please feel free to ask me information about their pedigrees.  We have information on all of our dogs.
Health Guarantee?
We provide a congenital health guarantee for puppies that are taken to the new owner’s vet within 72 hours and documentation is sent back to us.
$1,300 – picked up at our home

$1,300 – meet people at Yakima or Pasco airports

$1,500 for puppies if meet part way

$1,900 if shipped (shipping may require additional depending on flights)

I prefer to have people meet the puppies and let the puppies choose them.  I will occasionally ship a puppy.  Our airport is small so they are shipped on United.  Standard shipping is $400 (airline, crate and health certificate).  Occasionally, United offers a speciality which is more but faster.
Puppy Food
We feed PetSmart Authority Small Breed Adult Chicken & Rice.  PetSmart is not my favorite company to deal with but this is a brand without flax seed (natural contraception) and all of our dogs seem to do well on it.  In fact, all do better on it then several grain free we have tried.  We free feed the puppies, and free feed all our adults but Baukje.  We found that they fluctuate in how much they eat day to day, especially pups in growth spurts.
Standard with our puppies:

*Tails docked and dewclaws done before they are 5 days old.  Not all remove dewclaws but we do.

*Wormed several times.

*Microchip implanted at approx. 5 weeks of age.

*Thorough vet check at approximately 6 weeks of age.  Microchip used to verify puppy at vet check and documentation provided with puppy.

*Updated vaccinations starting with puppy shot between 6 & 7 weeks old. Information provided.

*AKC registration papers

*Pedigree information

*Health Guarantee for those that vet check their puppies within 72 hours of purchase

*Sample of puppy food.  They have been on PetSmart’s Authority Brand small breed

Puppies are $1,500 on spay/neuter agreement unless discussed before deposit placed.  As these are family pets, it is always best for people to spend time with the puppies and meet the parents.  We let people pick in order of deposits.  Deposits are $250 and goes toward the price of the puppy.

Shipping is complicated.  If shipped travel crate, health certificate and shipping is an additional $400.