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Bouvier Boys and a Girl Ready for New Homes

Bouvier Boys and a Girl Ready for New Homes

Bouvier Boys and a Girl Ready for New HomesBouvier Boys and a Girl Ready for New Homes

Bouvier Males



Our very sweet boy

Dad is a Champion  with some Dutch lines

Mom is from The Netherlands

OFA hips good and elbows normal

Our goal

We are starting to focus more on European (primarily Dutch) and Canadian lines. Please feel free to ask about pedigrees.  The girls with tails are ones that I brought back from Holland.  Douwe, BB and Anneke come from a very reputable breeder working with foreign lines that has taken pride in raising quality, strong, healthy dogs for many years. 


Fauke - Retired Bouvier Male

Happy, loving boy that follows me everywhere I go.

Retired and my shadow everywhere now.

Bouvier Females


Anneke - Happy Bouvier Female

Also known as our jumping bean.   She is 100% love bug that enjoys as much attention as she can get.

OFA to be done soon.  Three of her litter mates have been done.  One is BB and 2 have CHIC #'s.

Alaska Girls

 Anneke and BB are litter mates that came from a well-known, long time breeder in Alaska.  She is known for her champion dogs but more importantly for strong, healthy dogs. 

Both grandmothers are from The Netherlands, one Grandfather is a 

Canadian Grand Champion, 

and the other grandfather is an 

American Champion



Beautiful, happy fawn girl.  She is a tease and makes like fun.  Absolutely loves kids.

 OFA- hips good and elbows normal



Pictured with my niece in The Netherlands.  

Dutch Girls

Zoey and Lisa are sisters.  They are pictured in the Netherlands at 4 months  old.  

We had visited a breeder and fell in love with their dogs and were excited when one of the females had 2 girls for us.  Their sire is a well known champion in Europe producing European champions.