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AKC Bouvier des Flandres & AKC Miniature Pinschers


1 Black Boy – Ready


4 boys & 4 girls born Jan. 4                      3 girls & 1 boy have deposits already

Min Pin Nursery

Mariah’s litter Dec. 31                              All puppies have deposits

Min Pin Nursery

Puppies due in February

We live in the beautiful Yakima Valley’s country side with Mount Ranier as our view from our living room and front yard – along with the corn when it is growing.  We are surrounded by grapes on the other 3 sides of our property so our dogs are not in crates.

All of our puppies have been born at our home and raised here.  We own all of our parents and they are on site.  We do NOT sell puppies through brokers or pet stores.   I do not sell puppies for other breeders.

As much as we’d love to have a puppy available whenever someone contacts us, we do not always have ones available.  We often have deposits on puppies before they are born.  We can not control when our girls have their babies, how many they may have, the sex they may have and what colors we will get in a litter.   We can have had 2 litters born on the same day and then go 4 months with only 1 litter.

Puppies are sold on spay/neuter agreement unless special arrangements are made.

We encourage people to come to our home and meet the puppies “family”.

Trip to The Netherlands

I enjoyed visiting a Bouvier breeder in The Netherlands.  This little cutie kissing me went to Spain.  Somethings I learned:

1) Breeding is more controlled.

2) If a dog has a health issue then they stop breeding it rather than try to breed the issue out.

3) They are not into testing hips and heart like we are because they don’t have the issues like we do here.

4) Puppies can be puppies – play, run and jump around as long as it is what they want to do, not forced.

5) Although ears are not cropped, ear infections aren’t a big issue.

Don’t forget to register your puppy’s microchip!